Top Tip! Abseil: Don't let go!

abseilWelcome to our web portal, we provide abseil events and expertise in both urban and remote locations.
We provide expertise in equipment, instruction and systems that facilitate abseiling and associated events, filming at height, in extreme locations, tyrollean traverses, zip slides and stunt work to name but a few.

Rich Hogan our MD has over 18 years experience in the field of teaching abseiling, rock climbing and mountaineering, has run his company Rock and Ice for 12 years specialising in teaching and training rock climbers and mountaineers. We hold a valid AALS licence and are members of AMI.

Rich has also worked at height in the construction industry as a lightning conductor fitter and has experience working on all types of roofs. Working with PR companies and blue chip companies, charities and film crews Rich has accrued much experience in a field that is fraught with red tape and danger. Maybe you are looking at organising an abseil event, or want to produce an advert or PR opportunity involving rope stunts? Whatever your needs - Rich is your man! Click here for a gallery showing our work: Or call Rich the MD on 07740 302131 for a discussion about your event or brief.

zip slideLeft is the Mayor of Medway participating in a 160' zip slide on Chatham Quays (11th May 2013) More images of this unique event in our gallery.

Dear Richard,
Many thanks to you and your excellent team for the superb job you did organizing the Mayor of Medway’s event at the Quays last weekend.
We were very grateful to be working alongside a professional team that clearly understood how best to tackle a rather perilous enterprise and who placed safety ahead of all other considerations.  I hope the team enjoyed the day as much as we did and we look forward to working with you again. With all best wishes,Elizabeth Tagge, Jo Brock and Elle Bourgeois
Elizabeth Tagge Director Property • Edelman

A recent summary of our work at Chatham Quays.
We were called on by Ardmore plc to visit the Quays site and carry out a risk assessment that was swiftly carried out by our MD. Within 2 weeks the event was planned with the Mayor Cllr Vaughan Hewett dictating his vision alongside Tom the facilities manager for the buildings.
Elizabeth Tagge from Edelman PR took the reigns with the media arrangements and we pushed ahead. A strong team of instructors from Rock and Ice was chosen to staff the event.
This image shows you the basic plan the Mayor had in mind, he head abseiled last year with us from another Medway tower-block and fancied his chances scaling the West Quays tower then zip sliding to the East Quay, finishing by abseiling down the East tower to the ground on the opposite side of the basin.

Quays abseilThis plan all went well on the day albeit a very windy one (gusts of 40mph) and wet.
As you can see from our diagram we published a free-hanging ascent of a rope SRT style was the first challenge, then a  huge descent of the zip slide over the water in full view of the residents, finally descending via an abseil.














abseil children in need

abseil [ˈæbsaɪl] vb (intr) 1. (Individual Sports & Recreations / Mountaineering) Mountaineering to descend a steep slope or vertical drop by a rope secured from above and coiled around one's body or through karabiners attached to one's body in order to control the speed of descent 2. (Engineering / Aeronautics) to descend by rope from a helicopter n (Individual Sports & Recreations / Mountaineering) an instance or the technique of abseiling Also called rappel [from German abseilen to descend by a rope, from ab- down + Seil rope]
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